SKU: 503-0048-03

Wild River Technology matched cables are the first cables specifically designed for 10-32 Gbpsec jitter analysis. Skew matched to 1ps, these flexible cable assemblies have 2.92 mm male connectors (custom configurations available, contact WRT) and unmatched phase stability, which results in repeatable measurements of jitter. These U.S.-manufactured cables accomplish low return loss up to 40 GHz.

This cable utilizes a silver-plated copper conductor with a very low-loss expanded-PTFE dielectric. The shield consists of two conductive layers. The first layer is a silver-plated copper flat wire, applied to yield low contact resistance, resulting in low insertion loss. The second layer is a silver-plated copper-braided shield that contributes to excellent RF leakage characteristics, specified at > -100 dB to 18 GHz. The standard outside jacket is a tough, resin-melt, extruded FEP.

Each cable is individually hand tested and comes with the measured s2p Touchstone file.

What You Get with Your Order

  • Cables
  • UV curing lamp
  • Loctite SI 5056 light cure adhesive
  • Spudger tool (Used for removing sealant)
  • Thumb drive. Contents:
    • Video on how to seal the cable connectors
    • Full VNA measurement results
    • Usage procedure for sealing the cable connectors
  • Printed Documents
    • Certificate of compliance
    • Graphs of VNA results
    • Usage procedure for sealing the cable connectors

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